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User Feedback

Instructor Feedback

"The students who used Quantum® did better academically than those who did not utilize the software. Quantum's assessment analysis data is the best I have seen so far."

Marilyn Brooks-Lewis
Area Chair
Warren County Community College

"I saw improvement in my students' performance after they used Quantum®. Quantum® allowed students to ask questions and practice at their own pace at home, but with an interaction that is similar to class work and questions. This is very important for introduction to financial accounting classes. This is an excellent product where the available possible questions cover all aspects students might want to ask. In big classes, some students can't ask questions but with Quantum® they were able to and I noticed a difference in their understanding. I enjoyed every aspect of the software! Thank you!"

Ron Lazer
Ph.D., MBA, CPA (Isr.), Assistant Professor of Accounting
University of Houston

"From looking at Quantum® for Transaction Analysis, it's easy to see how it could be beneficial to students. But we put it to the test by conducting a couple of rigorous research studies. These studies show that Quantum® actually does yield highly significant learning effects, in both the statistical and practical sense. Students who use Quantum® demonstrate far greater gains than students doing comparable homework problems using the textbook or using online homework systems. The research evidence in favor of Quantum® is very persuasive."

Fred Phillips
PhD, CA, Professor and Baxter Scholar
Edwards School of Business
University of Saskatchewan

"Most students study in the evenings, when the walk-in tutoring center or the professor isn't available. Quantum's on-line adaptive learning program gives students a vital tool that enables students to obtain quality study time outside of the classroom."

Linda Chase
CPA, CFE, Associate Professor
Baldwin-Wallace College

"Quantum® gives students the opportunity to develop more analytic skills. This, in turn, should improve performance because building a strong foundation is absolutely the key to successfully completing the introductory courses."

Sara Harris
Accounting Faculty/Department Chair
Arapahoe Community College

"The level of content and feedback is appropriate; I saw the same questions that my students ask in class in the tutorial. I thought somebody had sat in a class and written the questions asked by students."

Mary Jane Sauceda Castillo
Ph.D., CPA, Associate Professor
University of Texas at Brownsville

"I think Quantum® will definitely benefit student understanding. Students will be able to proceed at their own pace, repeat the learning process as often as necessary with feedback appropriate to their increasing understanding, and can use the product as it fits into their own time schedules."

Brenda Bindschatel
Green River Community College

"The University of Toledo stresses a 'Student Centered' focus and providing my students with Quantum® gives them the right tools for success! I used Homework Manager this year and added Quantum® about half way through the semester so I could see how they felt about the two systems. While I realize they serve different functions, students were able to compare the two and found Quantum® very easy to use - so simple and personal with very appropriately directed answers that are simple and to the point. Students said they also liked the inquiries back from the software asking if they wanted any help. I asked if they would like me to provide this for the class again and I got a resounding 'YES'! They felt it made a difference."

Diane Marker
Associate Professor
University of Toledo

"As the former Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, I have had the privilege of evaluating many new and evolving technologies. The cognitive learning approach of Quantum® is by far one of the most advanced and effective educational tools available for self-directed adaptive learning, homework help and test preparation."

Susan Patrick
President and CEO
North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL)

"There is no doubt that the future of education is in increasing personalization of the learning process, and assisting learners within the context in which they are learning. Volumes have been written about the importance of offering contextualized and personalized learning opportunities to students, but Quantum® has made these theoretical concepts possible in education and has brought them to the classroom."

Farhad Saba
Ph.D., CEO, Distance-Educator.com
Professor of Educational Technology
San Diego State University

"I wish I had this as a student."

"This was the dream when CAI began."

"Use of AI technology to tailor instruction to the student directly is overwhelmingly terrific."

"It came 35 years too late to help me."

National Judges
Software & Information Industry
Association (SIIA) Codie Awards

Student Feedback

"It told me what I did right and wrong and why my answer was right or wrong so I could learn from my mistakes. Gave me lots of practice!"

"It was easy to understand and simple to work through."

Going back to college for my masters after 25 years I found Quantum® filled in the gaps that the professor didn't have the time to go over. An invaluable asset to modern students' resource material. By the way I got an A!

"Quantum® really gave me the practice I was looking for. I'm the kind of person that needs repetetiveness doing exercises with different numbers and situations but all about the same topic and Quantum® provided that for me. I would have to trace one source of my higher test scores in accounting due to Quantum®."

"Thank you, Quantum®, for helping me get through my accounting class. This tutorial was a great refresher, I highly recommend it. :)"

"Quantum's easy to use interface explained accounting principles such as contribution margin, break-even analysis, and targeted profit analysis; then tested my knowledge through a series of cumulative questions. Well worth the time!"

"Quantum® definitely helped me a lot in Financial Accounting. It helped me better understand the material and prepare for my quizzes at tests. :)"

"Having taught business at the community college level, I know how much my students struggled with accounting classes. I suggested Quantum® to all my former students and Colleagues on FB in the hopes that more students and faculty will take advantage of this learning tool."

"Quantum® definately helped me understand the fundamentals of accounting. The program explained and showed examples of problems piece by piece that really helped me grasp the accounting concept. Thanks so much!"


"I was able to use it to answer all of my questions."

"I would definitely use it again."

"I liked how it helped me answer my own questions."

"If there was something I was unsure about I would just use the program and my question was answered."

"The experience overall with the program was good and I think that our class enjoyed having the tool."

"Simply put, it was extremely helpful. Thank you!"

"Quantum® is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have done a lot of assignments at the university and this is by far the best. In fact, no other way of doing assignments can come even close."

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