Quantum Simulations

Patents and Trademarks

Patents: Quantum’s software contains patented and patent pending technologies as follows:

[1] “Intelligent Tutoring Methodology Using Consistency Rules to Improve Meaningful
     Response” Patent Number US 6,540,520

[2] “Question and Answer Dialogue Generation for Intelligent Tutors” Patent Number
     US 7,351,064

[3] “Artificial Intelligence Software for Grading of Student Problem-Solving Work”
     US 2009/0286218

Trademarks: The following are trademarks or servicemarks of Quantum Simulations, Inc. include:

• Quantum Intelligent Tutoring Engines®

• Quantum Tutors® • Quantum Assessment Advisors®

• Quantum Mentors® • Quantum® • “Q” (stylized)®

• Quantum Adaptive Learning and Assessment SoftwareSM

• Targeted PracticeSM

• How Am I Doing?SM

• Ask a QuestionSM

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