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"Quantum's approach to online tutoring comes closer to simulating a genuine human-to-human interaction than any other tutoring product I have viewed."

Shannon Schumann, Ph.D., Director, Center for Mathematics Excellence

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Quantum Developmental Math Software works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari
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Quantum® provides unlimited one-on-one learning over the Internet when an instructor isn't available to help or answer questions. Just like working with a real-life teacher, students can receive step-by-step feedback, ask questions, and target their practice time on key areas where they need the most help and improvement.

> Proven to Increase Test Scores
Classroom tested and approved by students and instructors across the country, Quantumís Adaptive Learning and Assessment SoftwareSM is scientifically proven to increase test scores at least a full letter grade and accelerate learning and mastery of core developmental mathematics concepts and skills.

> It's Just Like Working with a Real-Life Tutor
Dialogue driven, Quantum® interacts with you in a conversational manner so you spend more time learning the subject, not the software.

> Step-by-Step Feedback on Your Own Work
Quantum® interprets your work and provides coaching and feedback based on your own work and unique responses.

> Unlimited Help - Day or Night
Ideal for students working at home on assignment or preparing for a test when the instructor isnít available to help or answer questions.

> Immediate Answers to Your Questions
Allows you to ask questions. By learning to ask better questions, your knowledge of the subject greatly improves.
Topics covered:

> Fractions
Understand the different types of operations involved in working with fractions including how to multiply, divide, add, subtract, simplify, convert from a mixed to improper fraction and covert from an improper fraction to a mixed fraction.

> Mean, Median, Mode
Learn how to find the mean (average) , median (middle value in a set of values), and mode (number that occurs most frequently in a set). Based on the goals you select, you will be provided problem scenarios that ask you to solve for those goals.

> Percentages
Learn how to calculate the amount (What is 60% of 10?), percent (6 is what percent of 10?), and base (6 is what percent of 60%?) for percentage problems. The software emphasizes how to think about common "landmark" percentage values, such as 50%, and how to use this knowledge to make good estimates.

> Probability
Master how to solve and predict the outcome of various events. Quantum uses real-life examples to help you think through the solution and apply logic and basic math for solving single event problems (tossing a coin), two event independent problems (rolled a die and flipped a coin), and two event dependent problems (select a card from a deck and without replacing it, selecting another card).

  • High-speed Internet connection (recommended but not required)
  • PC - Windows XP or higher, Internet Explorer (7.0 or higher), Firefox (2.0 or higher), Chrome (28.0 or higher)
  • Mac - OS X (10.2 or higher), Firefox (2.0 or higher), Safari (1.0 or higher)
  • Tablets - Android (4.0 or higher), iPad (Apple iOS 5.0 or higher)
  • Screen resolution setting at 1024 x 768
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher (support documents)
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