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Image of a frustrated studentMoving from Passive Observing to Active Learning
A common trend in education and distance learning today is to take what is available in textbooks and convert it to a digital format. While convenient and affordable, this approach can create a passive learning experience because students spend most of their time reading and observing, not engaging and doing.

Using AI Technology to Achieve Breakthrough Learning

Image of an excited studentAt Quantum®, our artificial intelligence (AI) technology is designed to actively engage students at a deeper, intellectual level where "breakthrough learning" takes place. We have all experienced it before. We wrestle with a difficult problem until we think we have exhausted every possible solution but still can't determine the correct answer. Then, we have that magical moment of transformation where what seemed to be such a confusing concept or unsolvable problem now becomes so obvious and easy to understand. By working through the problem ourselves in a very personal way, we improve our comprehension and critical thinking skills at a higher cognitive level than if an instructor had just simply given us the answer.

That is exactly what Quantum's tutoring and assessment software is designed to do — give students the opportunity to solve problems in an encouraging environment where they are free to explore, try new ideas and even make some mistakes along the way without fear of embarrassment. Just like working with an excellent instructor or tutor, the software is always there to coach the student. Unlike human tutoring, however, students can use the Tutors anytime, anywhere for as little or as long as they want.

Helping Students Understand Why an Answer is Right or Wrong
Image of a lightbulb on a monitorMost homework systems only tell a student if their answer is "right" or "wrong" and may give canned responses that are not related to the student's actual work. This doesn't help the student understand what to do next or how to go about solving the problem. With Quantum®, students receive detailed step-by-step instruction and feedback based on their own work and receive immediate answers to their questions. The Tutor interprets and understands their work and coaches the student through the solution based on their individual needs and conceptual understanding. The goal is to teach the student to think about strategies, concepts and questions to solve problems based on critical thinking, not memorization.

Improving Student Performance

Research shows that the Quantum Tutors® can improve test scores by as much as 50%. In addition, more than 80% of students prefer Quantum® over working with a human tutor because of the self-directed pace. Accessed over the Internet, Quantum® has Tutors for Chemistry, Mathematics and Accounting.

Image of an instructor

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