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General Information
The Quantum Assessment Advisors are a new artificial intelligence grading and assessment reporting tool. The technology is currently being field tested in schools across the country. The software automatically grades actual student work (not a multiple choice test) and provides immediate feedback on concepts needed to improve test scores. The software eliminates the administrative time and human error associated with grading papers, providing instructors with real-time data for analyzing class and individual student performance by problem, learning concept and more.


> Build Your Own Assessment Tests
Allows instructors to easily enter their own problems or select from a database of standard problems by problem type, learning concept and level of difficulty.

> Automatically Analyze and Grade Student

Instantly evaluates and grades every step of the student's own work and assigns partial credit rather than indicating whether an answer is just right or wrong, as with multiple choice tests.

> Display "Red Pen" Markup of Student Work
Provides detailed step-by-step feedback on where a student may have gone wrong in a problem and indicates what specific concepts the student needs to review to improve future test scores.


> Eliminate Grading Errors
Automates the grading process and ensures that test scores are objective and free of human error. Proven in research to be more reliable and accurate than human graders.

> Real-time Performance Reporting
Gives instructors the tools to analyze "big picture" trends of classroom performance with drill-down detail to individual student work and learning concepts requiring intervention.

> Reduce Adminstrative Work
Reduces the administrative time for the instructor to grade papers, allowing more time to work with struggling students on targeted areas of improvement identified by the Assessment Advisor.

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Independent research shows that the Quantum Assessment Advisors are Proven Effective and Reliable for Grading Student Work.

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