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Overview of Quantum Mentors®

Currently in development and review by instructors, the Quantum Mentors® help new and out-of-field instructors better prepare for teaching difficult subjects such as Chemistry and Mathematics by simulating typical student/teacher interactions in real-time. The software serves as a virtual mentor where teachers can become more familiar with content, effectively respond to student questions and practice proven pedagogical techniques for improving student understanding before getting in front of a live class.

The development of the Quantum Mentors® is urgently needed. According to the National Center for Education Statistics report, The Condition of Education, there is a significant shortage of qualified science and mathematics teachers in the United States. An increasing number of middle schools and high schools are forced to rely on new and out-of-field teachers to fill the gap for teaching these subjects, often resulting in a substantial decline in the quality, depth and individual attention students receive.


> It's Like a Flight Simulator for Teachers
Allows instructors to become more familar with content and practice responding to typical student questions before getting in front of a live class.

> Explore Proven Pedagogical Techniques
   to Improve Student Performance

Similar to observing a master teacher in class, instructors can view detailed explanations of the pedagogy behind the instructional feedback given to students.

> Be Prepared for the Live Classroom
A Transcript of your virtual teaching session keeps track of everything that was discussed, including Mentor commentary and feedback. You can add your own comments to the transcript and save/print for quick reference during your live classroom presentation.


> Enter Your Own Problem
Each Mentor covers a different topic, similar to chapters in a book and allows you to enter problems you would like to practice reviewing, whether from the textbook, homework assignment, quiz or other resource.

> Have Unlimited Access to a Virtual Master

At any time during your training session, instructors can ask the Mentor questions about key concepts and teaching techniques required to improve student performance and conceptual understanding.

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