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Quantum® Field Research: Impact of Formulas, Language and Instruction on Student Performance on Cost-Volume-Profit Problems
In this study, students enrolled in Introduction to Financial Accounting (the first principles of accounting course) and Managerial Accounting (the second principles of accounting course) from eight different US colleges completed homework problems presented in everyday language or accounting language, with or without a formula ‘cheat sheet’ on the screen, and with or without prior instruction to explore the impact of varied instructional approaches for teaching the topic.
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Quantum® Field Research: Find it, Fix it, and Thrive - The Impact of Insisting on Proficiency in Prerequisite Knowledge in Intermediate Accounting
In this study, Quantum’s adaptive learning and assessment software was used to assess student understanding and mastery of core concepts required to be successful in Intermediate Accounting. Using an “all or nothing” grading approach combined with Quantum’s individualized tutoring help and targeted practice tools, the treatment group improved two full letter grades over the control group.
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Assessment Reporting - Transaction Analysis: Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Through Detailed Analysis of Student Work
When examining the usage trends of students that used Quantum®, students improved 15% in their ability to analyze transactions. More importantly, 88% of students achieved high- to medium- mastery with an average study time of only two hours.
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Quantum® Field Research: Targeted PracticeSM Proven to Increase Student Learning Efficiency with Less Study Time (Cal Poly State University)
Students in the Targeted PracticeSM Group completed transactions in less time and with greater accuracy than students in the Textbook Group (15.5% faster with 26.5% more correct answers achieved per unit of study time).
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Quantum® Field Research: Intelligent Adaptive Learning Software Improves Student Test Scores by at least a Full Letter Grade (Baldwin-Wallace College)
Students using Quantum® for transaction analysis achieved 3.5 times more gain in test scores over students who studied with the textbook.
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Quantum® Field Research: Intelligent Adaptive Learning Software Increases Test Scores and Maximizes Student Effectiveness (University of Saskatchewan)
After one group of students completed a homework assignment using Quantum® , their test scores improved 1.9 times more than a group of students who used an online homework management system. When Quantum® was removed from the first group of students and given to the other group, the pattern of performance differences was reversed, with the Quantum® group gaining 2.6 times more than the online homework group.
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