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Quantum for Accounting
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Quantum_studentCourses covered:
Principles of Accounting
Financial Accounting
College Accounting
Pre-requisite for Intermediate Accounting

> Accelerate Learning and Improve Test Scores at Least a Full Letter Grade
Quantum's adaptive learning and assessment software has helped thousands of students master accounting and save study time.

> Personal Step-by-Step Feedback on Student Work
Because no two students learn alike, Quantum® uses powerful artificial intelligence technology to interpret individual student work (not multiple choice answers) and explain why student answers are right or wrong with personal step-by-step feedback.

> Target Areas Where Students Need the Most Help
Students receive real-time How Am I Doing?SM progress reports showing concept mastery and specific skills requiring more practice.

> Immediate Answers to Student Questions Day or Night
Rather than wait until the next day to ask the instructor, now students can ask questions anytime and get the real-time help needed to understand and master the material.

> Coaching and Test Preparation
Individualized feedback helps students learn from their mistakes so they don't repeat them at test time. Proven to increase test scores at least a full letter grade with less study time.
  • High-speed Internet connection (recommended but not required)
  • PC - Windows XP or higher, Internet Explorer (7.0 or higher), Firefox (2.0 or higher), Chrome (28.0 or higher)
  • Mac - OS X (10.2 or higher), Firefox (2.0 or higher), Safari (1.0 or higher)
  • Tablets - Android (4.0 or higher), iPad (Apple iOS 5.0 or higher)
  • Screen resolution setting at 1024 x 768
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher (support documents)

> Assessment Reporting for Instructors
By auditing and capturing data from student practice sessions "behind the scenes" real-time, Quantum® assesses actual student work at a very detailed level without students having to take time away from learning. With Quantum®, instructors can:

  • Measure class improvement
  • Measure mastery achieved
  • View common conceptual errors
  • View commonly asked student questions

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Topics covered:

> Transaction Analysis
Understand the effect of various types of transactions on the accounting equation, accounting journal and accounting ledger.

> Adjusting Entries
Learn about accrual-based accounting and how to adjust balance sheet and income statement accounts to allocate revenues and expenditures to the period in which they occurred.

> Financial Statement Preparation
Understand the trial balance and how to prepare the income statement, statement of retained earnings (statement of owner's equity for proprietorships) and balance sheet.

> Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold
Understand the FIFO, LIFO and weighted average cost flow models and how businesses use them to calculate the cost of goods sold. Learn how these inventory costing methods affect the company's financial statements.

> Accounting for Receivables
Learn how to record activities related to accounts receivable and adjust for bad debts using the percentage of credit sales, percentage of receivables and aging of receivables methods.

> Plant Assets
Learn how to prepare adjusting entries for depreciation of plant assets using the straight-line, units-of-production and double-declining - balance methods. Learn how each of these depreciation methods affect the company's financial statements.

> Stockholders' Equity
Learn how to record journal entries for stock and dividend transactions and understand the impact on the company's financial statements.

> Long-Term Liabilities
Learn how to record journal entries for notes and bonds over multiple years and understand the impact on the company's financial statements.

> Statement of Cash Flows
Learn how to classify business activities as operating, investing or financing and the concepts and steps required to prepare the statement of cash flows using the indirect method.

> Cost-Volume-Profit
Understand key concepts that relate price, cost, sales volume and net income. Learn about behavior of revenue and costs, contribution margin, break-even point, targeted profit analysis and margin of safety.
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