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Quantum Adaptive Learning and Assessment SoftwareSM for Accounting (Video: 4 Minutes)
Quantum's Adaptive Learning and Assessment for Accounting focus on key topics that serve as the building blocks for accounting: Transaction Analysis, Adjusting Entries, Financial Statement Preparation, Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold, Accounting for Receivables, Plant Assets, Stockholders' Equity, Long-term Liabilities, Statement of Cash Flows, and Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP). The software can be used in any principles, financial or college accounting class and with any publishers textbook, new or used.

Adopting Quantum® for Your Course (Video: 9 Minutes)
Learn about the performance improvements you can achieve when requiring Quantum's adaptive learning and assessment software for your Principles, Financial or Intermediate Accounting course. See how easy it is to adopt Quantum® without having to change your textbook or online resources.

Experience Quantum® as a Student and Instructor (Video: 12 Minutes)
Walk through Quantum's adaptive learning and assessment software step-by-step as both a student and instructor and see how practice and mastery using How Am I Doing?SM student feedback are displayed in instructor assessment reports for monitoring student progress, mastery achieved and identifying concepts and skills requiring more practice.

Request an Instructor Account
Seeing is believing! Requesting an instructor account will allow you to see for yourself the level of helpful step-by-step feedback provided to students along with how to generate and use instructor assessment reports. When you require Quantum®, the same instructor account is used for managing your students. Quantum® can set-up all of your sections and have students using the software in minutes. It's that easy!

Sign-up for a Live Demo
Need training for your faculty or want to see a live demonstration and discuss your course needs in more detail? We're happy to schedule a one-on-one online session with you at your convenience. We can show you how to best use Quantum® in your course...and we're always looking for feedback and new ideas from instructors too!

Quantum® Software Fact Sheet (PDF)
Here is quick-reference Fact Sheet that you can share with students and other faculty highlighting the many benefits of using Quantum®.

Accounting Topic Mapping/Descriptions for Lesson Planning (PDF)
Read about the learning objectives covered by Quantum® for each accounting topic including key Concepts and Skills and specific Assessed Items available through student How Am I Doing?SM score cards and instructor assessment reports.

Sample Assessment Report (PDF)
See how to request an assessment report from your instructor account and receive a quick overview of what information is covered within each report.

Student Purchase - Getting Started Guide
Provide this Getting Started Guide to your students that are purchasing access to Quantum® and paying for software subscriptions themselves.

School Site License - Getting Started Guide
Provide this Getting Started Guide to your students if the school has purchased a site license for student access.

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