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User Feedback on Quantum's Chemistry Tutors

"I was excited for the opportunity to use the Quantum Chemistry Balancing Equation Artificial Intelligence Tutors with my students. I certainly wasn't a skeptic, but I must admit, I was surprised with the results! The group of students using the Tutor drastically improved their performance even with the most difficult problems. If they get stuck, the Tutor will even suggest questions they should ask to help them find the reason for the solution."

Kevin Willis
Chemistry Teacher
Carmichaels Area Junior/Senior High School

"The Quantum Tutors® are a novel tool in the arena of chemical education. Our students have found these Tutors to be extremely helpful in developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. They show the students how to solve the problem rather than provide an answer. An important aspect to the Tutors is that student responses can be tracked and analyzed thereby helping the instructor further clarify conceptual or problem solving issues."

Jeffrey Madura
Professor and Department Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Duquesne University

"I have viewed the tutorials that Quantum® has created and am quite impressed by this product. Quantum's approach to online tutoring comes closer to simulating a genuine human-to-human interaction than any other tutoring product I have viewed. It approaches students much in the same way that a human being would, it models good problem-solving skills, and it is available to students on demand."

Shannon Schumann, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Mathematics Excellence

"We have been working with Quantum Simulations this year evaluating the pilot program in Balancing Chemical Equations and our preliminary findings are most exciting. Students report that they found the AI programs far better than 'traditional' tutorial software; they like the option of 'just in time' help, and over 90% of the respondents indicated they would use the program again and recommend it to their friends who needed help in Chemistry."

Selma Sax
Senior Evaluator
Wexford, Inc.

"As the former Director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, I have had the privilege of evaluating many new and evolving technologies. The cognitive learning approach of the Quantum Tutors® and Assessment Advisors is by far one of the most advanced and effective educational tools available for self-directed tutoring, homework help and test preparation."

Susan Patrick
President and CEO
North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL)

"We are very familiar with your research and development work and have found the Quantum Tutors® for Chemistry and Mathematics to combine exemplary and truly unique technologies with excellent expert knowledge that satisfy a great need for learners and educators in the field."

Mike Junior
Vice president, e-Product Development
McGraw-Hill Higher Education

"There is no doubt that the future of education is in increasing personalization of the learning process, and assisting learners within the context in which they are learning. Volumes have been written about the importance of offering contextualized and personalized learning opportunities to students, but Dr. Johnson has made these theoretical concepts possible in science education and has brought them to the classroom."

Farhad Saba, Ph.D.
CEO, Distance-Educator.com
Professor of Educational Technology
San Diego State University

"I wish I had this as a student."

"This was the dream when CAI began."

"Use of AI technology to tailor instruction to the student directly is overwhelmingly terrific."

"It came 35 years too late to help me."

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Software & Information Industry
Association (SIIA) Codie Awards

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