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Rebecca Renshaw, Co-Founder, CEO, has had an outstanding success rate of commercializing high technology projects enabling companies to sustain long-term growth and stability. Carnegie Group, Inc. (CGI), an artificial intelligence software company based in Pittsburgh, hired Ms. Renshaw at its inception, where she was integral in the development of CGI's communications and identity packages, trade show forum, educational program and marketing and sales efforts. CGI held an initial public offering and was acquired several years ago.

Prior to CGI, Ms. Renshaw was a member of the communications development team that established an industrial affiliates program for the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. One of the results of her participation was the establishment of an industrial educational program, which generated international acclaim and provided several million dollars in funding for research and development.

From 1994 to 1998 Ms. Renshaw was Business Operations Manager at Q-Chem, Inc., a quantum chemistry software development company, where she developed the business infrastructure that successfully launched the technology into the marketplace. She researched and wrote all business planning and strategies, obtained private commercialization funding, established and managed all business operations including international distributorships, grant administration and human resources, and designed and implemented the identity and communications packages including product literature, press releases and video presentations.

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