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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — July 22, 2004 — Quantum Simulations, Inc., developer of the Quantum Tutors®, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based tutoring software system for student learning and teacher training, announced today that it has been awarded a three-year federal grant for $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Education's Mathematics and Science Education Research Program in support of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) initiative. The grant will fund the research and development of new AI-based assessment tools to assist chemistry and mathematics teachers in evaluating student progress, by providing individualized feedback based on the student's own work and objectively assessing student performance.

"Quantum® was selected out of hundreds of proposals submitted to the Department of Education because of our ability to improve student performance using proven teaching concepts and technologies designed to motivate and inspire students to learn," commented Dr. Benny Johnson, President and CEO of Quantum Simulations, Inc. and co-inventor of the company's patented AI technology. Research conducted at the University of Kentucky, Duquesne University and the Greene County school district in Pennsylvania, showed that students who used the Quantum Tutors® to supplement their classroom and textbook studies improved test scores by as much as 50%, specifically benefiting those students who were having the most difficulty.

The new assessment features provide additional power to the existing Quantum Tutors® and will include automated grading, student and teacher assessment reports, which provide detailed feedback on individual student learning and achievement, and statistical analyses of assessment information on student groups (e.g. comparative reports based on student, class, individual school, school district, state, etc.).

"The Department of Education is firmly committed to NCLB and our student assessment features will help ALL students perform better in chemistry and mathematics, as well as give teachers the long-awaited tools they need to spend more quality time with students and less time doing paperwork," added Mr. Dale Holder, Quantum's Chief Academic Officer and award-winning chemistry teacher with more than 35 years of teaching experience.

The Quantum Tutors® are available for middle-school through college-level topics in Chemistry and Applied Mathematics and are ideal for the classroom, homeschooling and distance learning, as well as teacher training. This software was developed with over $2.5 million in research funding from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation and is teacher tested and approved. Features of the Tutors include:

Web-Based Interface: Quantum Tutors® use a dialogue-driven interface that interacts with the student in a conversational style similar to a human tutor. The software is available via the Internet so students can get help when they need it most: during the evening hours at home when a teacher is not available to assist with homework.

Enter Any Problem: Unlike other software systems that only offer a limited set of problems from which to choose, the Quantum Tutors® accept any problem students need to work on, making the Tutors compatible with any curriculum.

Enter Your Own Work: Using the software over the Internet, students can solve problems similar to how they would on paper. The Tutors provide individualized feedback for each step, create a transcript of all work identifying students' strengths and weaknesses in understanding scientific principles and help students improve problem solving skills.

Ask Questions: The Tutors create evolving lists of questions that change based on how students are approaching the problems. By teaching students to ask better questions, their knowledge of the subject greatly improves.

"Quantum's technology is like nothing else on the market, providing new and innovative learning support for difficult concepts in applied mathematics, chemistry and physical science," said Randy Burkard, president of Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories, a distribution partner for Quantum's software. "The Quantum Tutors® are the most effective educational software programs that we have seen. With their addition to our catalog, we now offer educators the best tutorial software on the market today."

School districts, schools, and teachers can subscribe to the software via the Internet through two of Quantum's partners, Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories, which offers both the chemistry and mathematics Tutors or Holt, Rinehart and Winston offering the chemistry Tutors.

About Quantum®
Quantum Simulations, Inc. develops artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring, assessment and professional development software that empowers teachers and inspires students from middle school through college to improve their knowledge and appreciation for the sciences. Teacher tested and approved by educators across the United States, Quantum's AI software is proven in research studies to improve comprehension, problem solving skills and test scores by as much as 50%. Quantum's intelligent tutoring engines are integrated with existing web-based learning products, providing a strong competitive edge for distributing partners. A "technology think tank," Quantum® is funded and supported by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. For more information, please visit www.quantumsimulations.com.


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