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In Field Research, Students Using the Quantum Tutors® for Accounting Achieved 3.5 Times More Gain in Test Scores Over Students that Studied with the Textbook Only.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — September 19, 2007, Quantum Simulations, Inc., a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring, assessment and professional development software announced the field testing of a new generation of artificial intelligence tutoring software for accounting.

The Quantum Tutors® for Accounting provide unlimited, real-time tutoring and homework help over the Internet for students taking principles, financial and managerial accounting courses. In collaboration with accounting professors nationwide who ranked the most essential and critical topics for accounting, the Quantum Tutors® focus on the Accounting Cycle and include Transaction Analysis, Adjusting Entries and Financial Statement Preparation with more topics in development.

Unlike homework systems where "canned" responses are stored in a database and provide little feedback beyond whether a student's answer is right or wrong, the Quantum Tutors® actually interact with students one-on-one, answering questions and providing detailed step-by-step feedback based on the student's own work.

Capable of integrating with homework systems and supporting accounting textbooks from any publisher, the Tutors use patented artificial intelligence technology to interpret problems dynamically, analyze student work and help students with the core skills needed for success in introductory accounting.

"The Tutors will definitely benefit student understanding," stated Brenda Bindschatel, Instructor at Green River Community College in Washington State. "Students will be able to proceed at their own pace, repeat the learning process as often as necessary with feedback appropriate to their increasing understanding, and can use the product as it fits into their own time schedules."

In research conducted at Baldwin-Wallace College in Ohio, students using the Quantum Tutors® for Accounting achieved 3.5 times more gain in test scores over students that studied with the textbook only, indicating that students who use the Quantum Tutors® can improve test scores by at least a full letter grade. In addition to performance studies, the software has been reviewed and approved by more than 60 accounting instructors across the country.

"Most students study in the evenings, when the walk-in tutoring center or the professor isn't available," commented Linda Chase, CPA, CFE, Associate Professor at Baldwin-Wallace College and content advisor on the project. "Quantum's on-line tutoring program gives students a vital tool to obtain quality study time outside of the classroom."

"Quantum® began developing Tutors for science and mathematics in 1998. That's where our educational experience was the strongest," stated Dr. Benny Johnson, President and CEO at Quantum®. "Now that we've expanded to business topics, the Accounting Tutors prove that our AI technology and pedagogical principles transfer easily to other content areas and are effective in improving performance."

For more information and to read a summary of the research completed at Baldwin-Wallace College, visit

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Quantum Simulations, Inc. develops artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring, assessment and professional development software that empowers teachers and inspires students from middle school through college to achieve more. Quantum's intelligent learning software is available stand-alone or integrated with our partners' web-based homework products and Learning Management Systems. A "technology think tank", Quantum® is funded and supported by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.


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