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$1.4 million in grant funding planned for Quantum's AI technology over five years to help improve annual yearly progress requirements as defined by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - May 31, 2006, Quantum Simulations, Inc. has announced a five-year plan with The Ohio Board of Regents to develop artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring and assessment software for mathematics to help schools in Ohio, California, Kansas and New Mexico not meeting their annual yearly progress goals for at least two years. The funding provided to Quantum® is part of the MATRIX Project (Middle school Achievement through Technology-Rich Interventions), a $15 million federal grant initiative led by The Ohio Board of Regents to improve middle school mathematics and reading achievement for underperforming urban and rural schools.

The MATRIX Project will integrate Quantum's AI tutoring and assessment technology into interactive games and learning resources accessed through PDAs and other mobile technologies to engage and excite students about mathematics and reading. Teachers at a series of Intensive Sites across the four states will receive professional development training to provide after-school programs for students not meeting targeted achievement goals.

"I am excited to work with partners like Quantum® who are developing strategies and resources to meet the needs of the learners of our future," commented Tim Best, Project Director at The Ohio Board of Regents. "It is critical for us to do a better job with math and science in middle schools, and Quantum® understands and shares this important MATRIX mission."

The Quantum Tutors® provide personal, real-time help and instant feedback related to ANY problem assigned to the student. Just like working with a human tutor, students can view detailed explanations of each step in a problem, request hints and ask questions. The formative assessment data provided by the Quantum Assessment Advisors® instantly analyzes student work and provides teachers with real-time data measuring how their classes performed by concept and problem with drill-down detail to each student's work. This process would normally take teachers several hours a night to provide grading and detailed feedback for every student by hand. Now, Quantum's AI technology can instantly complete the administrative task of grading, giving teachers more time to work with struggling students on targeted areas of improvement identified by the assessment software.

"The scaffolding techniques and pedagogy of Quantum's AI software inspires students not just to answer a question correctly, but to understand the concepts behind why an answer is right or wrong," commented Dr. Benny Johnson, President and CEO at Quantum®. "Students gain the confidence to attempt problems without fear of failure or embarrassment - and teachers and parents receive specific, immediate feedback to develop action plans for improving student performance."

Wexford, Inc., the external evaluator for the MATRIX Project, will conduct scientifically-based research to determine the extent to which the program improves mathematics and reading achievement for students over the five-year program. If successful, similar programs could be developed to include other states including Texas, Mississippi, Massachusetts and the territory of Puerto Rico.

The MATRIX Project is a partnership between The Ohio Board of Regents (http://www.regents.state.oh.us/index.html) and several outstanding educational partners including:

  • Quantum Simulations, Inc.

  • Center for Research on Learning at the University of Kansas

  • Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia (ALTEC)

  • New Mexico State University - Learning Games Lab

  • Alliance for Distance Education in California

  • Ohio Resource for Mathematics, Science and Reading

  • Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio, Inc.

  • University of Akron

  • Ohio University

  • YES Learning and Computer Center

About Quantum®
Quantum Simulations, Inc. develops artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring, assessment and professional development software that empowers teachers and inspires students from middle school through college to improve their knowledge and appreciation for the sciences. Teacher tested and approved by educators across the United States, Quantum's AI software is proven in research studies to improve comprehension, problem solving skills and test scores by as much as 50%. Quantum's intelligent tutoring engines are integrated with existing web-based learning products, providing a strong competitive edge for distributing partners. A "technology think tank," Quantum® is funded and supported by the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. For more information, please visit www.quantumsimulations.com.


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