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Just choose the modules you would like to integrate from our tutors and we'll take care of the rest. We'll work closely with you to embed the Quantum Tutoring Engines into your product based on your unique content, interface and technology requirements. Integration time depends on how many modules you require and whether the integration is "loose" or "tight".

Loose Integration: The Quantum Engines appear on demand and perform the entire tutoring session, then switch control back to the customer's Graphical User Interface (GUI). The customer's GUI does not need to communicate directly with the Quantum Engines in this method of integration. HTML templates which correctly interface with the Quantum Engines are provided, which can be customized to the "look and feel" of the customer's GUI. This method is straightforward and is completed in no more than two to three months.

Tight Integration: The Quantum Engines are in constant communication with the GUI and a seamless interaction is established. This method takes three to six months to complete. Customers generally schedule a tight integration one year prior to commercial release to allow for internal GUI development and thorough testing.

Pricing for Quantum Intelligent Tutoring Engines are based on licensing royalties, support fees and the level of integration required for your educational product.

Contact us for a quotation and delivery timeframe. Once you're up and running, Quantum will provide the necessary training, documentation and technical support you'll need to provide personal help and assistance to your customers.


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