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Meet the Quantum Team

Gregory J. Voss, CFO, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dickinson College and Master's degrees in Business Administration with a concentration in finance and in Public and International Affairs with a concentration in international trade from the University of Pittsburgh. Since 1992, he has held positions as Valuation Manager for Horovitz, Rudoy & Roteman, CPAs, Valuation Analyst for Mark I. Wolk and Associates, P.C., and Economic Analyst for the International Freedom Foundation. From 1987 to 1990, he held various positions in Washington, DC. Mr. Voss has proven ability in fair market valuations for privately held businesses, professional practices, inactively traded securities and intangibles for purposes such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate financial planning, business damages and estate and gift taxes. He also has established experience in international political, economic and social issues. While working for the International Freedom Foundation, he analyzed international business development and tracked significant international economic issues in emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America. He was a Board Member for the Management Game Program at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration at Carnegie Mellon University, an Executive Board Member of the Alumni Society at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh and has served as a coach for the EnterPrize business plan competition. Mr. Voss taught a seven-week course in organizational systems theory and was a guest lecturer for courses on financial theory and international foreign policy for the International Masters of Business Administration program at Point Park College. He is author, co-author and editor of publications and lectures on international exporting and economics.



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