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Funded and supported by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation, classroom trials have shown that Quantum Tutors can improve test scores by as much as 50%.

Artificial Intelligence Technology
Just like a human tutor, Quantum Tutors give personalized hints, guidance and feedback based on your own work.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Dialogue driven, Quantum Tutors interact with you in a conversational manner so you spend more time learning the subject, not the software.

Enter Any Problem
Quantum Tutors accept any problem that you want to work on, making the Tutors compatible with any curriculum. No changes are required to existing lesson plans, textbooks or homework assignments.

Enter Your Own Work
Quantum Tutors allow you to enter your own work. The Tutors interpret the work and provide coaching and feedback based on your unique responses.

Ask Questions
Quantum Tutors include an evolving menu of questions that change based on how you are approaching the problem. By learning to ask better questions, your knowledge of the subject greatly improves.

Internet Delivered
Quantum Tutors are ideal for students working at home on assignments where a teacher is not readily available. All you need is an Internet connection and a PC or Mac. No CDs or downloads required.

View and e-Mail Transcripts
Quantum Tutors provide a record of your study session which can be e-mailed to the teacher — critical information that can help teachers with assessment, lesson planning and action steps for struggling students in time for No Child Left Behind.

Teacher-Developed, Classroom Tested
Quantum Tutors embody the proven teaching practices of Mr. Dale Holder, award-winning master teacher with over 35 years of experience teaching chemistry and mathematics. The software has been scientifically tested by thousands of students and teachers in classrooms across the United States

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Pricing and Ordering
Quantum Tutors are available in modules, just like chapters in a book. The Tutors are offered online for unlimited use anytime, anywhere. Annual subscription fees are priced per user. You choose the start date for your subscription. For pricing and ordering information, please see the TouchSmart Order Form (PDF).

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