"The level of content and feedback is appropriate; I saw the same questions that my students ask in class in the tutorial. I thought somebody had sat in a class and written the questions asked by students."

Mary Jane Sauceda Castillo, Ph.D., CPA
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Brownsville

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Master the Accounting Cycle

Artificial intelligence tutoring software provides effective, step-by-step feedback and homework help for students in principles, financial and managerial accounting.

Topics include:
• Transaction Analysis
• Adjusting Entries
• Financial Statement Preparation

Only $15.00/Semester (180 Days)
Unlimited Use!
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> Proven To Increase Test Scores
Improve test scores by at least a full letter grade and maximize the effectiveness of your study time.

> Unlimited Practice with Problems Just Like the Ones in Your Textbook
Includes corporate accounting and sole proprietorship problems correlated to your McGraw-Hill textbook and end-of-chapter problems.

> It's Just Like Working with a Human Tutor
Similar to working with an excellent tutor or instructor one-on-one, powerful artificial intelligence software interacts with you in a conversational manner so you spend time learning Accounting, not the software.

> Step-by-Step Feedback on Your Own Work
Enter your own work and the Tutors interpret your responses and provide coaching and detailed feedback so you get the right answer for the right reason.

> Immediate Answers to Your Questions
Includes an evolving menu of questions that change based on your unique responses. Your knowledge of the subject greatly improves by learning to ask better questions.

> Maximize Study Time Day or Night
Ideal when you're studying and the instructor is not available to help or answer questions. Login from any PC or MAC. No CDs or downloads required.

System Recommendations
• High-speed Internet connection (recommended but not required)
• PC - Windows XP or higher, Internet Explorer (6.0 or higher); Firefox (2.0 or higher)
• Mac - 0S X (10.2 or higher), Firefox (2.0 or higher)
• Screen resolution setting at 1024 x 768
• Macromedia Flash 7 or higher
• Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher (support documents)