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Scientific Notation Tutor
Using Natural Events to Teach Science
New Mathematics Tutor Available for Linear Equations
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Welcome to the fourth issue of Teacher Connection, a free online monthly newsletter to provide teachers with effective teaching techniques and helpful ideas and tools for explaining chemistry and mathematics concepts to students of all levels.

Scientific Notation Tutor
Scientific notation is an important and essential technique for working with very large or small numbers. All teachers recognize the importance of reviewing the fundamental concepts and rules governing the use of scientific notation but this is rarely enough. Students under pressure to succeed usually resort to memorizing a few rules that will get an answer but promote little understanding of the concept or value of scientific notation. As sincere as the teacher might be, it's difficult to spend the required time with every student to bring them up to a proficient level of understanding.
With the Quantum Tutor for Scientific Notation, students can spend as much time as needed to understand the key concepts needed for understanding this topic. Accessed over the Internet, students can get answers to their questions day or night. View a demo at www.quantumsimulations.com/demo.html

Using Natural Events to Teach Science
Oil spills, forest fires, tornados...there are incredible, dramatic events in the newspaper everyday to help us teach science concepts. The challenge is finding creative ways to hold the interest and excitement of students beyond the sensationalism of these events. Using Event-Based Science® Activities and Quantum's Artificial Intelligence Chemistry and Mathematics Tutors, you can relate real-world concepts back to important problem solving skills such as ratio and proportion, balancing chemical equations, stoichiometry and more. FREE activities are available on Quantum's web site at www.quantumsimulations.com/activities.html

New Mathematics Tutor Available for Linear Equations
The Quantum Tutor for Linear Equations assists students in solving any linear equation problem. Users can enter equations from any source, including the textbook or assignment sheet. Regardless of the problem, the Tutor will guide the student by showing excellent problem-solving techniques. At every step in the problem, students will receive a thorough explanation about how the step was taken and why it was appropriate. If the equation is very simple, the Tutor will show the student how to solve it through observation. This ensures that students thoroughly understand the meaning of a solution to an equation. If the equation is more complex, the Tutor will show students a logical and reasonable technique for finding a solution, explaining every step and answering student questions along the way. For a demo, visit www.quantumsimulations.com/demo.html

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