Equation Balancing Tutor

This Tutor will help you with balancing chemical equations. To get started, click the "New Problem" button, enter your unbalanced chemical equation in the "Enter an Equation" box and click "OK". You may enter any equation you wish, using the format:

BaCl2 + Na2SO4 -> BaSO4 + NaCl

You may also select an equation from the several examples provided on the "Choose an Equation" menu.

Once you have entered your equation, the Tutor will balance it for you a step at a time, and give an explanation for each step it takes. Click "Next Step" to take a step. At any time, before or after each step, you can ask a question about the problem by selecting a question from the "Ask a Question" menu and clicking "Ask". This is often the best way to gain a better understanding of balancing equations.